Fullerton Bay Hotel with an Amazing Choice of Restaurant Cuisine

There are many cuisines from various countries that you can find at Fullerton Bay Hotel. This hotel located in the heart of Singapore is a staycation that is suitable for all visitors. Some of them are visitors who come with work deadlines, and some others are visitors who want to honeymoon or families. Not only the special room offer but also the restaurant service is impressive. Here are some lists of types of food and drinks from chef Fullerton Bay Hotel.

A La Carte Breakfast, Dinner and Lunch

Do you want to eat with a la carte style? If you plan to try it, this restaurant will be a perfect place to eat some new menus. A la carte dishes that made even more special if you enjoy them in a room with a beautiful view from the window. You can eat delicious food while looking at the scenery outside. Of course, if you are on your vacation by yourself or with your family, eating a la carte food in a prestigious restaurant is a very quality moment.

Restaurant with AC

You can also get comfort while eating from a restaurant equipped with air conditioning. The right air conditioner will create a comfortable atmosphere, whether you are eating or drinking. Good food plus a comfortable atmosphere will certainly maximize precious vacation moments.


Not only a beautiful places to eat but there is also a bar for drinks with friends or colleagues. Of course, you can chat longer by drinking cocktails and other beverages. The elegant atmosphere of the bar will create precious moments with your colleagues. You can talk about business or other matters.

Poolside Bar

The bar is very good, and there is also a poolside bar which is suitable for more casual activities. You can enjoy a variety of delicious beverages and also several types of snacks available while looking at the swimming pool.

Public Facilities

Public facilities are also one of the interesting things about Fullerton Hotel Singapore. There are some accessible parking areas, comfortable elevators, safety deposit boxes, and also WiFi in public areas. You can take advantage of the free internet connection while relaxing anywhere.

You can access the internet easily when eating at a restaurant. So, you can take selfies or food photos in this place. Of course, the food is very Instagramable so it is suitable as an object of photography.

Booking hotel in Singapore during a staycation is a very pleasant agenda. Because Singapore is a country with many tourist attractions. You can visit the Botanical Garden or Universal Studios which are not far from the hotel.

Near the hotel, there are some souvenir shops that you can see around. If you want to buy some souvenirs from Singapore, this place is a recommended area.

In addition, transportation access is also very easy to get to this hotel. Of course, for those of you who do not bring a personal vehicle, this is very positive. So, you can ride the means of transportation easily. Happy traveling!

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